The Mythologist
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The Mythologist

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"He goes by many names..." On the surface 'Armen Victorian' seems like a regular guy. He lives in Nottingham with his wife and two children and his occupations have been variously listed as insurance salesman, shop assistant and cleaner. But dig a little deeper and Armen's life starts to resemble that of a latter-day Walter Mitty.
Diplomat, adventurer, UFO investigator, crop circle researcher, intelligence officer - was this the secret life of a Nottingham shop assistant?
His world is a shadowy world of counter-espionage, disinformation, subterfuge, spooks, spies, lies and the keeping and revealing of secret knowledge.
The Mythologist explores Armen's life and his impact on the murky and mythic realms of paranormal research.
Above photo courtesy: Colin Andrews.

ArmenFilm Clip One
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"Is what he's saying true, or is he just a little man trying to make a big story?" Lindis Percy
ArmenFilm Clip Two
Subject: Phone Call to Rob Irving
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