The Mythologist
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The Mythologist

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John LundbergDirector / Producer
John Lundberg

John is an artist who has been covertly creating crop circles in the fields of England for over a decade. His introduction to documentary was as a contributor to TV programmes that featured his artworks. You can read about his crop circle making exploits in Iain Aitch's book A Fete Worse than Death.
John's documentary subjects are drawn from the edges of contemporary culture. Underpinning all of his work is a deep interest in how myth and artifice can shape and alter reality.
Before pursuing his passion for film making, he ran an award-winning digital design company, producing content for companies such as MTV, Sony Music, BBC and Discovery.
John is currently developing a number of new projects. His background is in the fine arts and he exhibited for five years before abandoning the gallery in favour of the countryside. He has a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, an MA in Sculpture, an MA in Hypermedia Studies and an MA in Documentary Direction.

Executive Producer
Mark Galloway
Zillah Bowes
Mathias Dombrink
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Tom Harrison
Angus Havers
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Miha Jaramaz
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Clare Hudson
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John Rowe
Rostrum Camera
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Stills Photography
Rob Irving
Jeremy Nicholl

Crop Circle Makers
Rod Dickinson
Rob Irving
Matt Lawrence
John Lundberg
Martin McKinney
Wil Russell

Rob Irving
Mark Pilkington

Timelapse equipment supplied by
John Adderley
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Rachel Mulligan at BBC Information & Archives
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Jodrell Bank Observatory
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Peter Meakin
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Clare Hudson

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Professor Henry Azadehdel
Dr Armen Victorian
Casava N'Tumba
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